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Coaching School Information

Welcome to the coaching profession!

As best we know...
There are 60,000 coaches practicing in 70 countries worldwide.
The profession continues to grow at 20% per year.
Coaching is a $1 billion dollar a year industry.
There are over 100 coaching specialties available.
Coaching has been accepted by the public as a distinct profession.
70% of coaches work mostly by telephone with a national practice.
Most individuals take several years to transition into coaching.

A surprising number of individuals who take coach training from CoachVille don't plan to become a full time coach; they prefer to weave in the coaching skills and advanced personal development work into their current role of a manager, professional or leader.  At CoachVille, we welcome, and are able to serve well, this type of individual and the individual who wishes to become a full-time coach.

Coaching School Questions

How do I know if I should become a coach?
You'll just know.  The idea of being a coach will just naturally appeal to you and/or you have been coaching in some form all your life, although you might never have called it coaching.  If you're the one who people turn to for support, advice, solutions and as a sounding board, then you're a natural coach.  It also helps if you have a strong interest in personal development and professional achievement, and a real curiosity about people, life, dynamics and success.

Can I make a living as a coach?
Definitely.  There are thousands of coaches practicing worldwide, earning anywhere from $20,000 to $500,000 per year, with an average around $75,000 to $100,000 per year for those coaches who have practicing for 5 years.  And, that said, not everyone earns the big dollars in the world of coaching. Your success depends on your ability to deliver high quality work that is highly valued by your clients (which generally calls for coach training but not necessarily) and your ability to network and become known as a coach.  Currently, of those officially calling themselves coaches, approximately 70% of coaches are self employed with their own practices, 20% work as internal coaches for a corporation and 10% work for a coaching or consulting firm.

How do I transition from my current profession or job to becoming a part time or full time coach?
That's easy.  First, we suggest that you keep your 'day job' if you know what we mean.  We've found that the most successful coaches have eased into the coaching over a 1 or 2 year period, learning as they go and building a clientele through referrals and networking.  If you are in a related profession (consulting, therapy, etc.) you will find the transition to be even easier, given you already have a network; it's just a matter of educating that network as to the new or additional menu of services you provide as a coach.

What is the history of coaching?
Coaching has always been with us.  After all, coaching is simply an advanced and specialized set of communication and relating skills.  But in the early 80's, the first 'modern' coaches appeared including Thomas J. Leonard founder of CoachVille.  But it wasn't until the mid 1990's, after a several hundreds positive media stories ran on coaching (Newsweek, Time, NBC Nightly News, Donahue, NY Times, The Times (London), and others) that the public became aware that coaching wasn't just about soccer or basketball, but its own profession and available to everyone.

Why is coaching so popular today?
Several reasons...
People are less willing to wait for 'then' or 'the future' to make the most of their life.  Good or bad, people want success, happiness, joy, achievement now, and faster than ever.  They will hire a coach to accelerate this process and reach their goals faster.
People are acutely interested in being sustainably happy, and finding that special job, lifestyle, new skill set or meaningful project is reason enough to hire a coach to help them find it and move forward very, very quickly, even if it means big changes in their life.
People want to get ahead faster at work or in their small business.  Coaches can act as mentors, catalysts and sources of support; whatever the client needs to get them to where they want to go.  

Are there" "too many" coaches yet?
Not even close.  As long as people have goals and dreams, coaching will thrive.  Market saturation won't occur for another 20 years, at 1,000,000 worldwide (500,000 in the U.S. alone).  (Just as a point of reference, there are over 700,000 attorneys and teachers in the U.S. alone.  Plenty of upside growth in the coaching field.)

What about coaching school certification?

There are over 50 coaching schools  (CoachVille is the largest and by far least expensive at $79 lifetime) and most offer their own brand of certification.  Graduates of the Coachville Coach Training can test for and earn the Certified Coach designation if they wish (additional, although nominal, fee for testing/certification). But the certification is optional.  Some coaches want to be certified; many do not.  It's your call.  

Where should I start on my path to becoming a coach?

Start with a membership in CoachVille.  For only $79, we believe that you'll find it's the number #1 training investment you'll ever make; we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 100% refund if you are not 100% happy with your membership.  And, you have a full year to obtain a refund.  Joining CoachVille is 100% risk free.

As a potential or new coach becoming a part of CoachVille, you...
Are trained in coaching skills so that you can deliver top level coaching
Learn how to build your practice and market your services
Get access to the royalty-free tools and solutions that your clients will expect
Become part of the largest and fastest growing coaching network worldwide with over 25,000members in 70 countries.  
Advanced yourself and your life, personally and professionally.



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