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Life Coach in Seattle, Janis Chastain

My Experience:

My passions are personal, spiritual, and professional growth; the "getting out of the mental, and into the senses of being in Present Time"; and contributing to the current worldwide shift from power-over to power-with relationships.

I am a trained and  Certified Coach from the Coach Training Alliance.  I am also a Certfied Empathologist.  An Empathologist assists clients to Identify, Release, and Transform Self-limiting unconscious beliefs that create patterns in our lives, fracture our wholeness, and negatively impact our well-being.

My work is spiritually grounded in the Principals of Self-Acceptance, Compassion, Mutual Well-Being, Collaboration, and Wholeness.  My professional background is diverse.  I sampled a variety of industries as an employee while looking for "my place", before becoming a business owner for twelve, plus counting,years.

I have experienced my most radiant Self as a public speaker interacting with my audience, enjoying the energetic of our exchange, while presenting them with thought provoking ideas.

I have always had a natural curiosity, and love to learn.  I have always automatically then turned to someone and shared with them the life enhancing  learning that I've found.

I am now continuing my education through the Coach Training Alliance, and working towards Professional and Master Coach Certification.

I work with...
  • Professionals that want to network to create business or make job transitions
  • Assist professionals to navigate "how to say it" in personal and business issues
  • Empower women to value your Self, trust your Self, and improve your Self care
  • Partner with women to take the broader perspective in personal and business relationships
  • Join with women to create ideas to painlessly reduce the clutter in your life
  • Assist people in embracing the practical viewpoint of being powerful, infinite, spiritual beings
  • Brainstorm with women to create congruency in their life to focus their personal power
  • Interact co-creatively with professionals who want to write marketing materials
  • Empower Retirees to see their talents, skills, and what they love toward a wonderful new start
  • Assist job seekers in seeing how they fit in to new industries
  • Offer ideas to improve resumes, interviewing attitudes, and informational interviewing possibilities
  • Partner with parents who need support in nurturing their children and themselves
  • Provide a handhold for crossing the scary parts of moving forward in personal and prof. growth
  • Assist people in learning non-dominance based language that expresses feelings and needs
  • Help people to reclaim playfulness in their life, by remembering the essence of play

    Coaching Approach/Philosophy
    I partner with women to ignite their brilliance!

    Question for you...
    Are you tired of doing everything alone? Are you ready to invite the mutual benefits of collaborative relationships into your personal and professional life?

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