Preparing for the coaching session will allow you to optimize your results and our
time together. Prior to the session, you may wish to answer the following questions:

1)  How am I, today, right now? How has my week been? 


2)  What do I want to get out of the call today?


3)  What action did I take since our last conversation? What were my wins/challenges?


4)  In what areas do I want to be held accountable so I can really focus in on it?


5)  What issues do I want to deepen on our call today? What are the challenges,
concerns, achievements, or areas of learning to be addressed?


6)  Where does it feel like Iíve been unable to make any progress?


7)  What do I want to celebrate with my Coach today?


8)  What else?



We coach clients by phone throughout the US and Canada.  Is life coaching for you?
Are you ready to start your successful new life? Call

Toll free in the US and Canada:

(888) 720-9294 or  Contact us by email today!

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